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    How Much is Datorama?

    Your team is currently interested in implementing a holistic marketing data intelligence solution with capabilities that can be malleable enough to scale any sized organization or vertical. In addition, you need resources that come with prebuilt data modeling, custom ETL add ons, and API data connectors. Datorama is that tool. Salesforce’s Datorama provides premium marketing intelligence solutions without a premium price tag. From reporting Automation to AI powered marketing intelligence, Datorama offers a wide gamut of reporting capabilities at a relatively low cost.

    First we have to discuss all factors that contribute to the overall pricing structure of the tool. There are several factors below: 

    • How many data rows will be required?
    • How many users will be using the solution?
    • Will you need data warehousing and additional support?
    • How long will you be using Datorama?
    • Are you currently a client of Salesforce for other business solutions?
    • When are you looking to implement a reporting automation solution?

    Datorama is pretty transparent when it comes to pricing structure, and answering these questions becomes easier given the company’s transparency on pricing.

    Datorama Pricing Here.

    If cost is a prohibiting factor in deciding on marketing intelligence solutions, we recommend using an implementation partner. An implementation partner will help businesses successfully onboard, educate, and build your solution. Manually setting up the tool can be a heavy lift if an organization does not have a strategic approach to implementing the solution. Precision Analytics Consulting is one of many great implementation partners and can provide managed services during implementation.