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    How Long Does the Average Datorama Project Take to Implement?

    Let’s face it! Datorama projects can be difficult to scope. However, Datorama implementation should follow general guidelines that can help organizations get an idea of timeline to launch.

    A general rule of thumb is that Datorama projects with five to seven data sources can take about four and six weeks to build. If those data sources only require prebuilt API connection, then this may save a week or two.

    More complex projects may require four to eight weeks for planning alone.

    Let’s say your marketing teams are managing social, search, display, and CRM campaigns. Each of these channels launches digital campaigns on 3 platforms each. For example, social is running live campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Though these channels all have pre built API connectors and can quickly report data, teams must make sure there is a data ingestion strategy prior to connecting to ensure mapping of all measurement is consistent across each social network.

    Increasing Efficiency on Datorama Projects and Shortening Timelines

    Manually pulling, cleaning, and harmonizing data can be a heavy lift. In addition, making sure teams are aligned for consistent omni channel reporting, it requires knowledge of the industry. One key way to speed up timelines to launch, is to hire an implementation partner.

    Precision Analytics, a leading implementation partner, is skilled at developing strategic timelines inclusive of shorter timelines to launch.

    Clients should be involved in developing the strategy and implementation of their Datorama instance. However, this does not mean that clients should have to sacrifice FTE resources. That is where an implementation partner can also assist.

    An implementation partner’s main responsibility is to successfully onboard, educate, and build your Datorama solution. Salesforce also offers this service, but is committed to supporting a strong partner network as well.

    What to consider when choosing a partner

    In considering new partnership with data strategy consultants, consider the following:

    1. Can your partner improve your Datorama strategy? Can they introduce project management efficiency to SME’s?
    2. Have you discussed key KPIs and provide insight on gaining actionable business insights for teams?
    3. Can your implementation partner educate teams on sustaining the automated reporting suite?
    4. How well does your partner understand the key business outcomes of the new implementation?

    In answering these key questions, businesses can carefully select an implementation partner that provides sustainable reporting automation and answers key business questions.