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    Connecting to Datorama: The Top Connectors for Marketing Data Analytics

    Marketing changes always. Datorama has over 4000+ marketing tools that adapt to the ever changing landscape. If your business is in need of a flexible way to connect any data source instantly, then Datorama could be a great solution. With the TotalConnect feature, analysts can answers the challenge, going beyond APIs into limitless integration.

    Datorama has a vast number of direct APIs. The APIs cover the vast spectrum of the mar tech and ad tech ecosystem so you can connect any data source – social, search, display, video, programmatic, web analytics, CRM, email, and more – all in one place, quickly and easily.

    Choosing the correct API connection in most cases is as easy as logging in using your login credentials and granting access to the reporting suite.

    “Datorama connects different data sources with the help of advanced, AI-powered marketing intelligence and presents reports and customized visuals within attractive, automated dashboards. This is made easier with pre-packaged Datorama connectors, which integrate different data sources to organize, aggregate, perform advanced analytics and generate, AI infused insights. These data connectors also give marketers a chance to import or export data from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud with basic authentication protocols and a click of a button.” – Datorama Team

    Here is a list of some of the connectors:

    • Google Campaign Manager API Connector.
    • Google Ads Manager API Connector.
    • Google YouTube API Connector.
    • Twitter Public API Connector.
    • Facebook Ads Public API Connector.
    • Facebook Insights Public API Connector.
    • Yahoo API Connector.
    • MOAT Horizon API Connector.
    • Salesforce Public API Connector.
    • Mailchimp Ads Public API Connector.
    • Pinterest Ads Public API Connector.

    For more information on connectors visit Salesforce.com.